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What Is Scalp Micropigmentation And How Does It Work?

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A little hair loss is normal. It’s how your hair keeps itself healthy by shedding old skin on a regular basis. When you notice your clump of hair in the shower is larger than normal, you may just be dealing with the onset of male pattern baldness or thinning. Affecting millions of Americans as we know it, hair thinning can be an incredibly frustrating process that seems almost impossible to treat with over-the-counter methods. Thankfully, scalp micropigmentation is a superior method of treatment with longer-lasting results. Let’s take a look at what they could possibly offer you on your journey to a happier head of hair.

Hair Loss In America

Think you’re alone in your struggle? Far from it. By the time most American men reach the age of 35 they’ll experience some degree of hair loss. By the time they reach 50? That number can be as high as 85% on average. Half of a man’s head of hair can be completely gone before it becomes visible to the average eye. Unfortunately, too many wait until they’ve lost most of their hair before looking into scalp micropigmentation. With so many options at your disposal, there’s little standing in your way between an uneven head of hair and a fuller, happier style.

Common Hair Transplants

There are multiple resources you can look into to reverse your thinning hair and create the appearance you’ve been craving for years. The cost of a hair transplant can seem high for some, but the long-lasting and reliable results more than make up for it. FUSS, an abbreviation for Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, involves taking a strip of scalp from a non-balding area of the head and applying it to a balding area. A FUE procedure, considered less invasive, applies individual follicular unit grafts one at a time.

Choosing A Hair Loss Specialist

Why wait to give your head the attention it needs to look its best again? Hair transplant surgery, whether it’s through hair restoration procedures or scalp micropigmentation, has been proven to offer reliable results that last for months on end. While the FUSS treatment can be a good choice for some, others circumvent it in favor of the FUE procedure due to its higher complication rate and tendency to leave scars. With a FUE hair transplant you can see your scalp returning to its former glory in a matter of eight or nine hours. Stop by your local hair transplant clinic and see what scalp micropigmentation can do for you.