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I Keep Trying To Lose Weight, But I Just Can’t Keep It Off Help!

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It’s demoralizing when you try to lose weight and just can’t seem to keep it off. You try diet after diet after diet, only to find out the sole difference it gave your life was less of what you enjoy. You attempt to commit to exercise, but your weekly obligations keep whisking you away from what you need to shave off a few pounds. A healthy lifestyle is easy enough when summarized on the page of a shiny magazine, but committing is another story entirely. Gastric sleeve surgery is a resource that a medical weight loss center can provide you when you’re fed up with a string of failures.

How does it work? Answer your questions by reading the list below and see how you can potentially lose weight (and keep it off) with gastric sleeve surgery.

Health Tips

We all have different needs, but these tips can make sure you’re keeping yourself as healthy as possible. Obesity is a term used to denote someone who is 20% more than what is considered a normal weight for their height, though this can vary and shouldn’t be used as a ‘one-size-fits-all’. Not drinking enough water can also contribute to weight gain. This is due to the human body sometimes confusing being thirsty for being hungry, leading people to eat when they really should be reaching for a glass!

How Many People Attempt To Diet?

We all have a unique diet. Some choose a vegan lifestyle, while others have to avoid tree nuts because of allergies. As already stated above, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work for a pair of jeans and it certainly doesn’t work for a diet. There’s no shame in admitting you need to adjust what you eat to get the figure you crave. Over 65% of Americans, as we know it, are attempting to commit to a diet. Another 80% are trying to lose weight all on their own. What makes keeping weight off such an impossible feat? Keep on reading…

Why Can’t I Keep Weight Off?

To lose weight is to keep it off for good. This latter part is often what has people giving up when they check their scale and see they’ve gained that five pounds they’ve tried so hard to get rid of. A common reason people relapse is because they fall back into old diet habits, such as consuming too much sugar or fiber. Another reason is biology, with some people more prone to packing on weight than others due to simple genetics. Whichever one is keeping you from reaching your goals can be easily figured out by a medical weight loss professional.

What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

A medical weight loss clinic is often a last resort for people who have tried dieting, exercising and just about every other trick they know to get rid of excess pounds. Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure that helps you flatten your stomach and shrink down your weight to more manageable levels. The results of a successful gastric sleeve surgery process can remove up to 80% of the stomach. A study provided by the U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services found patients who had gastric bypass surgery losing an average of 65 pounds.

Should I Visit A Medical Weight Loss Program?

When a diet doesn’t work and exercise isn’t bringing in results, it can help to meet with a doctor and see where you’re going wrong. They can walk you through your options and give you a better idea of whether or not gastric sleeve surgery could be the option you’ve been searching for. Since a medical weight loss center aims to help people of all shapes and sizes lose weight, you can even get a few tips on changing your lifestyle for the better. A 2016 Mintel Diet Trends survey found over 70% of respondents admitting that a strong support system is a great addition to a diet plan.

Whether you want to meet like-minded people or consider a surgical procedure, a medical weight loss center can put those goals back in arm’s reach once more.