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Are you Looking at a Month of Doctor’s Appointments and Medical Tests?

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Patient A Exactly one month after being released from the hospital after a stroke, Patient 1 is free from a heart monitor that she has worn 24/7 since the event that caught everyone off guard. Fortunately, she was aware that something was wrong and she was volunteering with a group of people who knew her well. Her first symptom was a loss of vision in one eye followed by lapses in being able to talk. The friends who were with her insisted that the paramedics on site immediately take her to the closest hospital. The friends knew this was no heat stroke, it had to be something bigger. The patient still cannot believe she had a stroke and every doctor she has seen is shocked to discover that she has no side effects. in fact every physician says she should have some residual effects from a stroke in the part of the brain that was affected. There is still no cause and she will continue to have check-ups with a few doctors to try to figure that out, but she is so very grateful for her complete recovery. She will forever be grateful that she got such quick care and was immediately administered the clot busting drug that likely saved her life.
Patient B My endocopy today showed that my esophogial ulcers from May, 2015 are healed, but I have developed a pre-ulcer (I think that is what she said) in my stomach. Switching meds for that. My colonoscopy also went well, and several biopsies were taken for polyp and other testing. With fingers crossed, she realizes that this is actually an improvement. Another doctor diagnosed her with Crohn’s almost 11 years ago, based in tests and a previous surgery. A second doctor said he did not think it was Crohn’s and diagnosed her with Celiac’s, but the final DNA test said no to that as well. Knowing for certain that she is allergic to wheat and possibly gluten intollerant, the doctor just yesterday said if she has to give up wheat, she should probably give up all gluten. Pollups were found previously, but they were all benign. She is stronger than ever, and on her way to being healthier!
Medical Concierge Services Can Make Complicated Medical Conditions More Convenient to Treat
Many patients find themselves diagnosed with puzzling conditions that can require a number of follow up tests and lengthy appointments. And while some patients still find themselves traveling between various locations and having to juggle appointments, others have been fortunate enough to work with medical concierge services that help manage services and patient schedules. As the nation continues to deal with the increased number of Americans with healthcare coverage, it is likely that medical concierge services will be needed to help streamline what can be a complex system of appointments, tests, and pharmaceutical prescriptions.
And as a nation prepares to deal with the increasing number of seniors who need help at home services will also need the assistance of medical concierge services to help them and their caregivers manage their care. In home nursing care with the help of senior helpers includes monitoring daily vital signs and administering daily medications, in addition to other basic elder care needs.
Current research indicates that as many as 65.7 million informal and family caregivers provide some level of care to someone who is ill, disabled, or aged. And while some of these caregivers are trained, others are simply doing their best to care for a loved one. Before they reach the stage of needing care, advice from doctors and advisers can help seniors understand what they can do to keep themselves as healthy as possible. And while some of the advise is directed at health concerns, other advice is more simple. For instance, research indicates that the happiest retirees engage in three to four activities regularly. On the other hand, the least happy seniors only engage in one or two.
Being able to stay at home as long as possible is a combination of staying active when able and getting the necessary care when needed. A recent survey showed that 81% of retirees say that good health as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement.