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Putting Employees First The Secret to Longevity for Any Small Business

Employee onboarding software

The modern business world is as competitive as ever thanks to the introduction of the internet. Not only do companies have to compete with other businesses for consumers, they must also compete with other businesses for employees as companies begin to offer more comprehensive and enticing benefits to attract employees. Investing in one’s employees is the most vocal step a company can take to ensuring that the health and happiness of their employees is of paramount concern — this step could be the most significant that a company can make regarding its future longevity.

The Obligation of Employers

Employers enter into a symbiotic relationship with their employees — the philosophy is simple: take care of employees and you can ensure that they will take care of your business. In principle this works out splendidly, however there are studies that suggest that 60-80% of workers spend time browsing the internet for relevant that is not pertinent to their job in an act referred to as “cyberloafing.” Incentivizing productive employees is one way to decrease “cyberloafing” and increase productivity throughout the company; of course those businesses that are unable to provide benefits to their employees may be just as accountable for “cyberloafing” by failing to motivate employees and demonstrate that they are of value to a business. In order to provide more comprehensive benefits packages, or to improve on the existing benefits provided for employee, 57% of companies plan on improving with a major new human resource software purchase within the next year and a half.

Human Resources Software Solutions

Statistically, a majority of full time employees in the nation have access to benefits from employers. Up to 99% of all U.S. full time workers have access to medical benefits and 98% have access to paid sick leave and vacation time. Since the introduction of various forms of legislation such as the Patient Protection Act and Affordable Care Act, small businesses have been obligated to offer health benefits to all employees should their staff exceed 50 full time employees — there are many small businesses that seek to avoid this by reclassifying existing employees as part time. Since half of all employees cite their benefits as a major reason for sticking with a current job, it makes sense that those small businesses able to provide employee benefits are able to reap the reward of a dedicated and happy staff. Investing in appropriate human resource software tailored for small businesses could be the most important decision a growing business could make in this competitive business world.

Hiring and Training Vital Team Members

Sometimes the best way to run a company is to invest time ensuring that every team member is on the same page; this goes beyond the basic functions of one’s job, serving instead as a training to ensure that the atmosphere of a workplace is understood and preserved by the employees themselves. Investing in employee onboarding software could be the best way to achieve this goal; employee onboarding software helps to hire and train prospective employees by clearly communicating and reinforcing the structure within a company. Likewise, employee onboarding software helps to ensure that every team member is onboard with regards to pending and future tasks. Improving communication within a company is one of the most pressing goals for some of the largest and most successful businesses to date; improving your company’s human resource and employee onboarding software could be the best move to improve communication and improve the happiness of your employees on the whole.