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When Was the Last Time You Had to Work with a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist?

Hard headed.
You have always known and have been told numerous times that you are hard-headed, but yesterday you discovered a head harder than yours. Your dog’s! Your furry ball of energy wanted you to throw him a toy, so you bent down to get it just as he was bounding back up after dropping it, and the two of you knocked heads! Unfortunately, he got your cheekbone just under your right eye, and even though you iced it for two hours yesterday, you still ended up with a shiner, You still love your hard-headed golden doodle, but you are not looking forward to going out in public any time soon.
The fact that you have been labeled hard headed, of course, is an advantage in many ways. The four times you have had surgeries, twice on your right ankle, once on your left hip, and once on your left shoulder, your hard headedness came in handy. In fact, every orthopedic surgeon, gymnastics coach, and physical therapist that you have worked with has been astounded with your efforts. You fo