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Concussion Recovery Can be Very Complicated

Your middle daughter took a hit at soccer two weekends ago, resulting in a trip to the hospital. She has a concussion and will be out of sports, show choir, and school for awhile. Trying to keep her calm, quiet, and rested will be a full time job for the rest of the family.
Following the doctor’s advice for most of 10 days, this more than bored daughter was thrilled when she received the news that she could at least get back to attending school.
Unfortunately, after just three days back in the classroom, she has had a setback in her concussion recovery. She went back to school this week and she pushed herself too hard. She missed all last week and given that her school is on block scheduling those five days were like missing 10 days of school. Her teachers and the nurse at the school have been so amazing. Your determined girl, however, just pushed too hard to get caught up.
You are so thankful for a family friend who recommended that you seek out a concussion evaluation at