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Who Do You Call When Your Children Are Sick?

Your son is on Day 5 of influenza, and is definitely through the worst of the illness. But tonight as you did the pin down the three year old while your husband forces the syringe of cough medicine your son started gurgling his meds. Gurgling, in an attempt not to swallow. At first your husband’s gut-busting laughter at this seemed insensitive and mean. But then, he kept gurgling and your husband simply could not hold it together, which made you crack up too. By the end, your son had two parents laughing to the point of almost tears and you have to admit that you felt just so mean.
As a result of the combined hysterics and hilarity,, Benny ended up with 75% of his meds in his mouth and the other 25% all over you. And a crazy memory of two mean parents who laugh when their son is miserable.
Sometimes you just have to laugh.
When the kids are sick, the prescribed medication is a pain, and there are still many more months of winter weather, the end can seem very far indeed. An