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Body Breathing Can Strengthen Your Lungs

How to improve your breathing

Oh, sure we take breathing for granted since it is pretty much an involuntary action. However, there are ways that we can improve how we breathe, which in turn may increase our overall health. We all truly do understand how important body breathing is, and when we are faced with breathing difficulties, it can be incredibly frightening. We look at the statistics about lung cancer, which is the leading cause of cancer deaths, killing more than 160,000 people every year. And, there are an additional 3,000 deaths from lung disease in nonsmokers that are caused be exposure to secondhand smoke.

Another body breathing concern is asthma. It is interesting to note that behavioral approaches, including hyperventilation reduction techniques, have been shown to improve the symptoms of asthma. These techniques such as body breathing, have also been shown to reduce the use of reliever medication over six to 12 months in adults with poorly controlled asthma. These techniques, such as body breathing, have no know harmful side effects.

Sleep apnea is also a concern for many people. Dr. Barbara Phillips is a sleep specialist at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, as well as board member of the National Sleep Foundation, says that a prescription breathing device that pulls the lower jaw forward can often relieve snoring, as well as help those with mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea.

Body breathing, belly breathing, and other deep breathing therapy and exercise are used by 12.7 percent of American adults, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Interestingly, these body breathing techniques allow people to actually use the full capacity of the lungs. Many people only breath two to three pints of air, while the lungs have a capacity of two gallons. Body breathing techniques will allow people to use the full capacity of the lungs. Body breathing simply retrains the muscles of the respiratory system to experience deep breathing.

Proper breathing techniques will increase oxygen levels, which in turn can reduce stress, help detoxify your body, and bring natural healing powers to your body. The ways you breathe can help you increase your circulation, and just make you feel better overall. You can find many different techniques that can assist you with body breathing, and you will soon find yourself taking a deep breath and loving it!
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