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Health Priorities Change in a Time of Crisis

You and your dog are entering a little self-quarantine phase. The university where you teach as a doctoral candidate has suspended face-to-face interaction through the end of the month, which means you will resume doing candidacy writing, teaching aural skills and music theory, and taking classes virtually, while also taking extra care to not get sick yourself on Monday when you will be back from spring break. The rest of this week will be spent trying to prepare for that with some actual break squeezed in if possible.
That whole life and death spleen problem of yours from eight years ago has some very significant implications for you. It turns out having autoimmune diseases, removing your spleen, and having asthma are not super great for you in a pandemic. You already take a penicillin daily to help your weak immune system fight the normal day-to-day things, and have done so since 2013.
And while it is much more comforting to think that this whole Coronavirus thing is being b