The Amazing Benefits of Proton Therapy

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Proton therapy for cancer is a radiation treatment that uses protons to target and treat cancer. According to research, 99% of men treated with proton therapy with low-risk prostate cancer have no signs of recurrence after five years. When it came to high-risk prostate cancer, researchers found that 74% of men with prostate cancer who were treated with proton therapy had no signs of recurrence after five years. This information shows that proton therapy is a promising way to treat certain types of cancers.

One of the most important reasons why proton cancer treatment can be especially relevant in this present time is the fact that traditional cancer treatment options like traditional radiation therapy and chemotherapy can have a number of side effects that can have an impact on quality of life. These cancer treatment options are usually used to kill off cancer cells but can also

4 Benefits Prostate Cancer Patients Get from Proton Therapy

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Concerns by most patients diagnosed with cancer revolve around the available and the most effective cancer treatment options. However, it’s fortunate that with advance medical and treatments patients can now recover from cancer and live cancer free life. When it comes to the treatment of prostate cancer, there are different treatment options men can choose. Whichever option they choose, it will depend on a number of factors such as possible side effects, age, psychological state, cost, general health, and most importantly, the grade and extent of their cancer. Different prostate cancer treatment options mean an array of possible side effects and therefore, it is important to choose a suitable option that yields promising results with little to no side effects. One effective treatment opti