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The Art Of Physical Therapy And How It Improves People’s Quality Of Life One Session At A Time

Back pain treatment

Physical therapy is one of the best medical resources around. Why is this? Look no further than the sheer volume of chronic pain we’re dealing with. Over one billion people live with chronic pain all over the world, which is to say nothing of sports-related injuries, the onset of age and chronic illness. Providing tried-and-true methods of pinpointing the source and easing it down to more manageable levels, physical therapy returns many peoples’ lives back to them in a matter of weeks.

Did You Know?

Ongoing statistics give us a better idea of what we’re up against when it comes to chronic pain, severe injury and the slow, steady nature of recovery. Over six million people in the United States will break a bone every year. The National Institutes Of Health recently concluded as many as one in four Americans will experience at least one day of back pain within three months or less. Over 775,000 children under the age of 14 will be treated in emergency rooms for sports-related injuries every year. The most common reasons are collisions, overexertion and falls.

What Is Chronic Pain?

We all feel a little pain from time-to-time, whether it’s feeling sore after sleeping funny on a mattress or stubbing our toe while digging around for a midnight snack. No pain should last too long, however, or it could end up being a major problem. Chronic pain is generally defined as any minor to severe pain that lasts for three months or more. This includes, but is not limited to, reduced mobility, stiffness, soreness, aching, burning, spasms, stinging, numbness and complete loss of feeling. Do any of these descriptions apply to you? It may be time to consider osteoporosis treatment or a visit to a chronic pain treatment center.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical rehabilitation is a resource people turn to when they need assistance with day-to-day pain. This medical discipline dates back over 2,500 years, with many of the techniques we used today just minor modifications of ancient practices. One of the first practitioners was believed to be Hippocrates, though he was far from the only one. From therapeutic massage to more manual therapy, these forms of medical support have carried throughout the centuries with incredible staying power. A good physical therapy center will either specialize, such as providing osteoporosis treatment, or provide a wide range of pain management solutions.

What Are Some Sports-Related Injuries?

While not the only cause of chronic pain, sports are well-known for causing moderate to severe injury. A minor slip while on the field can result in months of agony, though as already detailed above, this is nothing physical therapy can’t handle. The most dangerous youth sports have been determined to be football, basketball and baseball. Every single year sees over 200,000 children sent to emergency rooms for football-related injuries alone. On the whole, over 30 million children and teenagers participate in some form of organized sports either within their school or as extracurricular.

What Form Of Physical Therapy Suits Me?

If you’re hunching over with pain just trying to type at your computer or can’t sleep due to stiffness, it’s possible you’re living with chronic pain. For those that have recently come back from a car crash or sports injury? All the more reason to look into osteoporosis treatment at a pain management center. Some physical therapy methods include lifestyle changes, stretching and consultation. Others involve extensive massage and minor surgery to correct. Whichever one applies to you will be best determined by a professional eye.

Instead of living with chronic pain or attempting short-term solutions, go for the option that has withstood the test of time.