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3 Answers to Your Questions of How Laser Liposuction Works

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We all have features that we would like to change, unfortunately not all are things we can fix easily, especially with how hectic most people’s every day lives are. Because of this, cosmetic procedures have become far more popular and accepted as a way to better yourself.

One procedure in particular that has gained much attention is abdominal liposuction. The number of liposuction procedures being performed grew by 16.3%, roughly 363,912, just from 2012 to 2013.

In particular, a newer form of the procedure called laser liposuction has proven to be more effective and less invasive. You may be wondering how laser liposuction works. Well here’s a rundown of the procure and its benefits.

  1. Heat: Previously, liposuction involved using vacuum suction to remove body fat by entering the skin with a thin tube. Laser liposuction on the other hand, uses heat from a fiber-optic lasers that actually melts the body fat. This process can be done without the need to enter the body or skin at all.
  2. Water: When saying the body fat “melts,” it’s really more a process of ridding the water that makes up most of the fat. Laser liposuction actually absorbs nearly 90% of the water present in the fat cells. That makes up for significant decrease in size.
  3. Cellulite: One extra benefit of laser liposuction side effects is that it tightens skin during the process. Even before losing the weight from the procedure, many people experience cellulite — the wrinkling and dimpling of skin — on some portion of their body. As many as 98% of women have cellulite. How laser liposuction works in removing cellulite is that it causes a surge in the production of collagen.

If you are still unclear about how laser liposuction works, skilled cosmetic surgeons will be able to answer any questions you have. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin.