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How to Deal With Chronic Back Pain

The human form is engineered by years of evolution for a lifetime of upright walking, making the human skeleton unique. Unlike our closest primate ancestors, we have a skeleton with an S-shaped spine, an upright pelvis, long leg bones, and arched feet. All of this makes a life of upright walking and running possible, and that gave our early ancestors all sorts of advantages. Still, a lifetime of walking upright and fighting gravity takes its toll. Many millions of people around the world today suffer from chronic back pain and spinal issues, which are among the most common types of chronic pain today. Serious spinal injuries may call for surgery, but more minor, regular cases of back pain can be handled with non invasive medicine. At a hospital, a patient undergoing physical therapy (or PT) may have access to a number of rehab tools and systems ranging from range of motion data to physical therapy tool