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Can You Visit An Urgent Care For Allergies?


Quick answer: of course! Many urgent care facilities are equipped with the proper materials to treat those suffering from allergic reactions. Whether your symptoms are caused by a specific allergen or you experience seasonal allergies, urgent care facilities work to help you feel better without the hassle of visiting an emergency room.

When you want to visit an urgent care clinic because of allergies, here are the symptoms they look for and treat.


Itching can refer to a broad range of symptoms. Someone with allergies may experience itchy, puffy eyes, an itchy nose, itchy ears, and an itchy throat. These are usually caused by breathing in allergens or coming into contact with pollutants in the air, otherwise known as respiratory allergies. Though these allergies usually don’t result in serious medical treatment, they can still hinder the daily life of the individual.

An allergy-sufferer may also experience itchiness due to physical contact with the allergen. You might also experience itchiness in the throat if you ingest an allergen, like nuts.


If you’re congested, it can feel like you’re walking through a fog. Your head feels cloudy, there’s pressure in your nose and sinuses, and you might even experience headaches or migraines.

This is also a tell-tale sign you have a cold. This is even harder to tell in a child who suffers from around six and 10 colds a year until their immune system improves. How can you tell the difference? This symptom is usually paired with itching or the other symptoms of allergies. If you notice your congestion gets better with an allergy aid, like an oral antihistamine,

Rashes and hives

An allergic reaction can result in rashes and hives in some individuals. Bumpy, red, swollen skin can look alarming but not cause serious harm. Look for itchy areas, including rashes, contact dermatitis, and red areas on the skin. Though these are usually in noticeable areas, like the arms, legs, and face, rashes from allergic reactions can also form on the stomach, back, genital area, or even in the throat. If you notice the rash isn’t fading with an antihistamine or corticosteroid, however, you must bring yourself or the child into an urgent care facility.


When you visit an urgent care clinic, your nurse or doctor on duty will work hard to ease your allergy symptoms. Sometimes, a walk in clinic will offer allergy testing, though many will refer you to an experienced allergist.

Allergies are treated in a medical clinic in a variety of ways. This might include an oral antihistamine, a corticosteroid, or an epinephrine shot to ease allergy symptoms.

When your family is suffering from allergies, one of your best options is to visit an urgent care clinic near you. Walk in urgent care options will get you back on your feet and enjoying your life.

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