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Can Chocolate Cause Acne?


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If you have acne, you have likely done a lot of research to try to find the best skin care tips and techniques to achieve a better complexion. As part of your research, you have likely found a lot of contradicting information on different acne treatment products, procedures, and above all, foods. Most dermatologists agree that your diet affects the health of your skin, but no one seems to be able to definitively prove that products like chocolate cause breakouts. Now, a French study claims to have found a link between a daily consumption of chocolate and sweets and acne in teenagers. Is this the proof that you’ve been looking for? Should you supplement your dermatologist acne treatment by cutting out chocolate?

Not yet. The study, conducted at Henri Mondor Hospital, has a number of flaws. While the researchers found a link between a daily consumption of sweets and acne in teenagers, they aren’t actually sure what sweets the participants were eating. They also asked few other questions about the participants’ diets and lifestyles, making it impossible to prove definitively that a certain food was causing the breakouts. In the end, the study merely reaffirmed something almost everyone already knows: eating sweets everyday isn’t great for your body.

When it comes to eating a diet that promotes healthy skin, dermatologists typically recommend that patients avoid eating high quantities of foods with a high glycemic index, such as white bread, pretzels and potatoes. Sugars and saturated fats should also be eaten in moderation. No studies, however, have been able to definitively prove that chocolate causes acne, although some dermatologists do say that dark chocolate is healthier for your complexion. If you have acne, don’t try avoiding chocolate: instead, talk to a skin specialist near you about finding the right dermatologist acne treatment for you. For more about this, go here.

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