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Are You Looking for a Place to Get Quality Medical Coverage? Urgent Care Centers Are Convenient Options


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Among American physicians who are their patients’ source of primary care, less than 30% currently are able to accommodate patients after regular business hours are over. But what if you have suddenly experienced a bone fracture,a concussion, strain, or sprain? What about dealing food poisoning, upper respiratory issues, or lacerations? In any of these cases and many more, convenient care is available in the form of urgent care facilities, some of which are available 24 hours per day.

And with almost 9,000 urgent care locations throughout the country, and more being added all the time, you are likely to find urgent medical care that you need in your area. These kinds of convenient care facilities, which have come into increasing prominence since their introduction in the states during the 1970’s, bring in $14 billion each year in America.

But why is it particularly advantageous to go to an urgent care facility in the case of medical situations that are not life-threatening? Compared to going to an emergency room, the patient is usually treated much more quickly. Also, it is far less expensive to receive care at urgent facilities than in an emergency room.

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