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7 Things You Want in Your Skin Care Products and 3 You Don’t


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If you ever talk to older women, the main thing that they advise the younger ones is to do moisturize their faces and hands. Apparently, these two parts are what they feel gets the most damage throughout life, which could be very true.

Good skin care begins at home. While natural skin products and private label skin care products may seem attractive, some of the best products aren’t even brand name. Let’s take a look at a few of the ingredients that you want to look for in anti aging skin care whether it is coming from a private label skin care manufacturers or not.

  1. B vitamins
    Pretty much all private label skin care manufacturers know that these are an essential part of anti aging products. B vitamins convert food to energy when take orally and when used topically, they help to make skin firm and healthy. They help to heal damaged cells and speed up the regeneration process. One way to create an at home, DIY, B vitamin cream for your face is to mash up bananas, they are full of vitamin B.

  2. Coenzyme Q10
    Also known as simply vitamin Q, this strong antioxidant helps to protect collagen and the elastic tissues in our skin. As we age, our natural Q10 levels fall which slows down the rejuvenating process that our skin goes through to protect itself. As an added bonus, this antioxidant is thought to prevent heart disease. You can find Q10 in topical creams but the best way to get enough of it in your system is to combine topical applications with an oral supplement.

  3. Copper
    There is a certain amount of copper in skin cells. It helps to bind proteins together so when the copper levels drop, skin starts to sag. Copper is great for skin damage done by the sun and scars because it is helps the renewal of collagen and fills in wrinkles. It’s also good for people with sensitive skin.

  4. Green Tea
    Green tea is known to aid relaxation but private label skin care manufacturers have discovered that it holds properties that recharge your skin. They particularly help with dark circles under the eyes. If you combine green tea and caffeine as two of the ingredients in an eye cream, the results are fabulous. Green tea is an antioxidant like vitamin Q so it can help repair damage from oxidation in the same way.

  5. Peptides
    These short chains of amino acids are becoming increasingly common in skin care. They are known to be the foundation for protein with bind the skin together and create collagen which is turn makes for firm and healthy skin. Private label skin care manufacturers have found that peptides can actually stimulate collagen production.

  6. Vitamin A
    As well as vitamin A, a derivative of this vitamin that has been proven to aid in anti aging are retinoids. This is the probably the most common ingredient in anti aging skin care products. Along with retinols, these two ingredients speed up cell turnover rates in order to regenerate youthful and smooth skin.

  7. Vitamin E
    Vitmain E is essential to reversing skin damage. It combats dryness and collagen breakdown that causes the small lines and wrinkles that form mainly on the face and hands. If you’ve ever used pure vitamin E oil on your cuticles, cuts, burns or scars, you’ll see what amazing healing properties it has that are completely natural and great for your skin.

While there are probably plenty of other ingredients and things to look for in anti aging products, these are the most common and will work the hardest to reverse the aging process that naturally happens in our skin. Some ingredients that you do not want in your anti aging products are:

  • Parabens – mimic your natural properties so that you stop naturally producing and become, essentially, addicted to the product.
  • Sulfates – these create a false sense of volume but are actually giving you less bang for your buck.
  • Alcohol – may add volume to the product so it can be put in a bigger bottle and seem cheaper but it actually dries out your skin.
  • Make sure you know what is in your products before using them. They could either help you immensely or speed up the aging process.

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