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6 Benefits to Getting Regular Exercise


It is hard to find anyone in the United States who is aware of the obesity epidemic in the nation. Most people are also aware of the fact that getting more exercise is one way to get healthier. Sports stores around the country fill up at the beginning of the year as people try to follow their New Year’s resolutions. If you need more proof, here are some of the benefits of getting exercise on a regular basis:

1. You will be happier. Getting regular exercise with premium fitness equipment or out in the wild can decrease symptoms of fatigue and depression and releases endorphins to make people happier. There are a number of reasons for this. In the first place, when you work out, changes are made to the regions of the brain that deal with anxiety and stress. At the same time, it causes the release of serotonin and norepinephrine.

New research shows that people do not have to work out at a high level to reap the psychological rewards of exercise. Almost any amount of moving around can put you into a better mood. In fact, short periods of activity can produce great benefits. Women with depression see the most benefits from working out.

2. If you want to lose weight, working out can help. Most people know that working out is a great way to lose weight. When combined with a lower calorie diet, working out can be one of the best ways to get the weight off and keep it off. The reason working out is so important when a person is dieting is that when a person lowers the number of calories they have coming in, the normal response from the body is to use fewer calories, making it harder to lose weight. When activity is increased, the body keeps burning calories and weight loss is possible.

3. It gives you healthier muscles and bones. As we age, we lose muscle mass. That is bad for a number of reasons. By working out and eating enough protein, the body is able to combat age-related muscle loss. Not only can you prevent muscle loss but the right weight training can help people actively increase the amount of muscle they have on their bodies, which also can increase their metabolism.

Bones also benefit from exercise. For this, it is important to do aerobic activity. For some reason, the sports that are best for improving bone density are basketball and soccer but any sport or activity that raises the heart rate works well for healthier bones say experts at sports stores.

4. You gotta spend it to get it. Some people have the idea that when they burn lots of calories through working out they will become tired or lethargic but the opposite is true. The more you work out, the more pep you will have in your step. This is true for people who are healthy and those who have health issues. Some studies show that people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome benefit the most from working out. If you are tired, getting some exercise can do a lot to help.

5. It reduces the risks of chronic illness. Most people, from lay people to those who work at sports stores, understand the connection between chronic disease and exercise. People who get activity on a regular basis are much less likely to suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and they lower their risk for stroke. Even working out a little can help reduce body fat, an important precursor to heart disease.

6. It helps you sleep.Sleep experts say that one of the best and most natural ways to deal with insomnia is to get a decent amount of exercise. Getting a good dose of aerobic activity early in the day can lead to good healthy and natural sleep. There is a caveat. As was mentioned, working out can lead people to feel more energized so this should be done early in the day and not right before bed.

There are only a few things that do so many good things for you as exercise. As people at sports stores will tell you, working out is good for your brain, your body, and your spirit.

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