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5 Important Insights You Won’t Find in Laboratory Tech Jobs Description


By now we can all agree that not many job postings and placement ads capture the job roles details in totality. Job descriptions brief interested candidates only on the technical aspects of the job — they don’t promise nor explain it all.

Perhaps you’ve browsed countless job sites in search of laboratory technologist jobs, and you can’t help but trying to figure out what they’re missing. Well, not until you actually start doing the job, there are certain areas of job specifications you’ll never know — or can you?

This article will look at the typical laboratory tech job description and what is it like to work in this interesting field. We’ll also look at some of the insights and skills, as well as the primary responsibilities of working as a lab technician.

Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Although much of the lab tech job description involves largely working around laboratory tools, equipment and machines, good interpersonal skills are just as important.

Working as a lab technician you will interact with many people within a facility including doctors, nurses, and the patients. The job needs you to liaise with these groups of people to achieve a particular lab project.

These skills will help you communicate and relate to people much easier — both verbally and in writing for a conducive working environment. Also, you need to be able to read, understand and write technical reports and being able to assist your co-lab workers.

Organizied Work Station is Incredibly Important

Sure, a lab room can appear messy particularly during a study or test, but if the disorganization is always the norm then that poses great risks to you and other lab users. The equipment could get damaged and potentially toxic or flammable spills could cause a fire.

Excellent Analytical and Critical-Thinking Skills

Laboratory tech jobs require a high level of analytical and critical-thinking skills because it involves precise and detailed data analysis that has to be absolutely accurate, otherwise, slight errors could compromise the entire research. The ability to accurately analyze data is indispensable in this field.

Organizational and Time Management Skills

Laboratory tests and research are done on specific timelines using specific methodologies. This means having to perform tasks accurately and meticulously to detail following strict lab guidelines.

A lab tech job will also require you to work on multiple projects at a go, so you’ll not only have to balance and prioritize your time well across the different projects, but being able to work on strict deadlines, and in a fast-paced environment to ensure the project’s success. Understanding your responsibility as a lab technician will help you define your priorities.

Exceptional Hand-Eye Coordination

Proper use of lab equipment and operating lab machines will require good hand-eye coordination. Since some of the instruments are technical you need to be trained on how to operate them. Coordination between your hands and eyes will be tested to ensure precision and accurate data, as well as proper use of lab equipment.

If you’re looking for lab tech jobs and probably wondering what are your roles as a lab technician, here’s a quick rundown on some of the common lab duties you can expect to be doing. However, the list is not conclusive.

  • Carrying out experiments and data collection
  • Adjusting, calibrating, inspecting and maintaining laboratory instruments
  • Sterilizing and ensuring the lab is clean including the equipment and operating area
  • Stocking the lab with adequate and necessary supplies
  • Preparing biological samples and conducting chemical analyses
  • Operating specialized lab instruments during experiments and carrying out scientific procedures
  • Examining project or research’s results
  • Preparing biological experiments and testing procedures
  • Keeping lab records safe and feeding findings into a database
  • Ensuring all the laboratory guidelines, laws and regulations are followed during procedures and are within the company’s standard practice
  • Getting informed with the latest scientific innovations particular those in your related field of practice

So, any time you see a lab tech job placement ad, these mentioned insights should come to your mind and define what is expected of you in this particular field. A lab technician is considered as one of the medical administration positions and their roles usually vary depending on the specific setting.

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