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5 Common Medical Conditions BHR Therapy is Beneficial For


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Hormonal imbalances can cause a lot of symptoms within the body. An improper balance between hormone levels can lead to weight loss, weight gain, premature hair loss, early menopause, and even infertility. Fortunately, bioidentical hormone replacement therapies show good results for balancing the body?s hormone levels and getting these symptoms back on track.

Bioidentical hormone replacement for hair loss
The number of hair loss sufferers, word wide, seeking professional treatment is 811,363. Billions of dollars are spent on stopping premature hair loss. Although creams, medicine products, and procedures can increase the amount of hair on the head for a short period of time, many of them are not permanent solutions. This is especially true if the hair loss is due to a hormonal imbalance. BHRT, however, can be effective in reversing the symptom of premature hair loss and in resulting in a full head of hair.

Hormonal replacement therapy for early menopause
Some women will experience early menopause. This is a when the body stops producing enough estrogen and the body is tricked into an early menopause. Women can experience hot flashes and weight gain. The chances of fertility decrease significantly. Although menopause is normal for women aged 50 and older, women as young as 30 can begin to experience the symptoms of menopause. Bioidentical hormone replacement can provide the body with its missing estrogen and pull it back from an early menopause.

Hormone replacement therapy for weight loss and weight gain
An imbalance of hormones can also be to blame for extreme weight gain or weight loss. While bioidentical hormone replacement therapy should not be the first step in a weight loss or weight gain solution, it should be considered when other options are proven to be less than effective. If other methods do not work, it is important to work with a weight loss professional who can determine the success chances of bioidentical hormone replacement as a treatment option. In some cases, however, regulating the bodies? hormones can produce successful weight control results.

Hormone replacement for infertility
Infertility can be due to the improper balance of hormones for both men and women. A couple is considered to struggle with infertility when they have tried for a minimum of one year, without any results. Additional tests will attempt to pinpoint the cause of the infertility. If hormones are rules to be a cause, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be an option. The physician will monitor the hormonal levels against the chances of conception, with the goal being to improve fertility likeliness.

Hormone replacement therapy for chronic headaches
Hormone imbalances can also lead to some chronic pain conditions, including chronic headaches or migraines. BHRT therapy can be effective in reducing some types of chronic headaches. For this reason, cosmetic surgery procedures and BHRT therapy are sometimes considered as a treatment option. According to the annual plastic surgery procedural statistics, there were 15.9 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2015, a 2% increase over 2014. Much of this increase is likely due to the fact that cosmetic surgery procedures are now being used to treat the symptoms of medical conditions. In fact, a whopping $13.3 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures in the U.S. in 2015.

Hormones are an extremely important part of our bodies. They regulate things like weight control and fertility. They can also affect hair growth and hair loss and can lead to chronic pain conditions. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the process of balancing the hormones to obtain positive results. BHRT therapy is often used for infertility, chronic headaches, premature hair loss, early menopause, and to better control weight.

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