It’s That Time Of Year Again Have You Gotten Your Flu Shot Yet?

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Flu season is well on its way. It’s time to be proactive and get yourself looked over so you can make it through the winter in one piece.

Easier said than done, right? There’s a lot you have to keep in mind when it comes to your health. You need to get a flu shot and make sure you’re constantly stocked up on juice, soup and vitamins. You’ve got to receive a check-up to ensure you’re not accidentally overlooking anything internal, either. It’s a lot to get through and only so much time to get to it with the weather dipping, so consider looking below to catch up on the physicals that will keep your health in the clear.

Urgent care models are designed as a convenient alternative to the emergency room while still delivering the preventative and reactive care you need.

Fracture Care

You might be tempted to visit the emergency room for a fracture. They’re painful, certainly not pretty, and panic can override your good sense and lea

When to Seek Medical Care for a Twisted Ankle

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Urgent care kapahulu

Many people have experienced the pain associated with a twisted ankle. This type of injury can take place in a wide variety of situations. In many cases, a twisted ankle commonly occurs as the result of physical activity including playing sports. It’s understandable to experience a slight degree of panic after twisting your ankle concerning where to go to seek treatment for this injury. In fact, statistics show that 25,000 people in the United States suffer from sprained ankles each day. With that in mind, here is more information concerning when a twisted ankle needs to be treated inside of either an urgent care or emergency room setting.

Twisted Ankle Versus a Sprained Ankle

If you’ve twisted your ankle and are experiencing feelings of pain, it’s likely a sprain has taken place. A sprain