3 Surprising Ways Being Overweight Might Be Costing You

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If you’re overweight, you probably have plenty of reasons why you would like to shed a few pounds and return to a healthier weight. Maintaining a healthy weight makes you less likely to develop serious diseases and can even boost your mood and mental well-being.

But did you know that losing weight can also save you hundreds of dollars?

Believe it or not, but being overweight can end up costing you more money than being at a healthy weight. Here are three ways you’ll spend more money if you’re overweight:

Fast food costs more than eating in

It’s common for people today to assume that eating out at fast food restaurants is cheaper than buying groceries and cooking for yourself. However, the exact opposite is true. These restaurants do need to make a profit, after all. In

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There’s no shortage of information nowadays about the obesity “epidemic” in the United States. The fact is, epidemic or not, the U.S. has a serious problem with its weight. Nearly two out of three Americans are overweight and more than a third of all American adults are obese. The problem has become so substantial that First Lady Michelle Obama made it a priority of her office to develop health and fitness programs, especially for children.

Of course, proper diet and exercise is the only true method of losing weight. With them, no method or procedure by itself will work — at least in the long-term. Still, some people who diet and exercise regularly have problems getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat located in the body. Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to tot