IPL Photofacial Technologies Have Proven Popular

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Juvederm or restylane

There was a time, long ago, when the only people who could afford expensive plastic surgeries were the fabulous, the wealthy, and the celebrities. Of course, these well to do individuals often needed extensive plastic surgery because they often earned their livelihoods by working in front of the cameras. Consequently, they absolutely needed to look young and beautiful in order to keep their jobs; the moment that their managers spotted the smallest wrinkle or gray hair, they picked their phones and started to search for replacements.

Their need to remain young and beautiful for many, many decades spurned the development of botox, laser resurfacing, and ipl photofacial technologies. Because these terms are extremely complex, I would like to take a moment to explain them to readers who have not seen them before. Botox technologies work by using chemicals to smooth out the wrinkles on somebody’s face; it is relatively cheap and it has few (if any) side effects, so it has quickly become the most popular non surgical treatment in the United States today. Laser resurfacing also smooths out wrinkles and removes other blemishes from the skin; unlike botox, however, which uses chemicals to accomplish its goals, laser resurfacing uses complex lasers to remove these blemishes. Many of the most accomplished laser resurfacing technicians live and work in Massachusetts. These hair laser massachusetts removal experts, laser hair removal Boston specialists, and laser hair removal massachusetts doctors learned their craft at prestigious medical schools such as Harvard and Yale. Finally, ipl photofacial technologies also treat many of the same blemishes that laser resurfacing and botox also treat; however, the crucial difference is that ipl photofacial technologies use light based technologies to cure blemishes, broken capillaries, and boost the patient’s collagen levels. For these reasons, many experts have argued that ipl photofacial technologies are safer than botox and laser resurfacing; they also believe that ipl photofacial technologies have fewer harmful side effects than these technologies.