EMF Blockers Protect Against Harmful Radiation

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Emf shielding

Electromagnetic forces or EMFs are the radiation emitted by power lines and electronic devices like cell phones and computers. Even though studies have shown a link between EMFs and childhood cancer, there is no regulation of EMF exposure and no official guidelines for what constitutes a safe level of exposure to the radiation. Despite the lack of official guidance and standards, there are ways of blocking EMFs, such as bioshield devices that can be worn as jewelry for personal protection.

What are EMFs?
EMFs are the low level radiation associated with the production and transmission of electricity. Cell phones, computers and other electronic devices also emit radiation. With the phenomenal growth in the use of personal computers and cell phones, exposure to EMFs has grown exp

EMF Protection Jewelry Helps Highly Sensitive People

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Bioshield necklace

Are you a highly sensitive person who is just starting to realize that you are electromagnetically sensitive as well? If you are an empath, another name for people who are highly sensitive, and are noticing negative health effects from wireless technology and electrical pollution, you might find it necessary to limit your electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.

One way to make sure that you are constantly blocking dangerous EMF rays is by wearing EMF protection jewelry. Like other shielding devices, an EMF protection necklace and other types of EMF protection jewelry, can provide you the comfort of knowing that you are constantly wearing a device to limit your exposure.

In a world where we are surrounded by technology,