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Advanced Treatment of Prostate Cancer with Minimum Side Effects and Collateral Damage

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Prostate cancer cure tri-cities tn

One of the most important pursuits in life is the pursuit of good health. A lot of people spend a lot of their time and effort trying to remain in the best of health at all times with the help of good lifestyle choices and competent medical treatment. However, diseases and health problems can strike at any time and a lot of them are not easy to deal with. One of the most serious health problems that people can face is the problem of cancer. Cancer has no definitive cure as yet and the treatment options available are the only options that you can explore if you are affected by this dreaded disease.

Cancer is basically an uncontrolled growth of cells and boarded to food in particular areas of the body. This happens more in some certain areas than others and depending on the type and locat

A Brief Overview of Sterilization Methods From Louis Pasteur to the Contemporary Autoclave

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Statim autoclave price

The importance of sterilizing equipment for surgical and other purposes cannot be sufficiently stressed. Bacteria and other contaminants can collect and proliferate on instruments used by tattoo and piercing shops as well as dentists and oral surgeons. Given this, a variety of techniques and equipment has been developed in order to effectively sterilize the tools used by these and other professionals.

The Origin of the Autoclave

French chemist, Louis Pasteur, discovered a valuable sterilization method during the mid-19th century that continues to be used today. He realized that when subjected to temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, that bacteria could be killed. As a result, Pasteur invented the sterilization technique of boiling or heating instruments. Since this procedure proved t

Why Is Chronic Pain In America At An All-Time High?

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Total joint surgery

You deserve better than chronic pain and limited mobility. This is the foundation of your average occupational therapy clinic and a reality you can tap into once you know the full extent of your underlying issues. Millions of Americans live every day with some form of wrist, hand and elbow pain, with some relying on pain medication to get through the day and others having no choice but to apply for disability benefits. Wherever you land on the pain scale, reaching out to a general orthopaedist or hand doctor can be the one factor standing between you and a lifetime of struggle. Make this the year you decide to stop living with chronic pain and take your life back, quite literally, into your own hands.


Top 3 Reasons Why Urgent Care is a Better Option Than the ER

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Flu vaccination

If you have a non-life-threatening injury or illness that’s still serious enough to need to be seen by a doctor, visiting an urgent care express is a good alternative to heading to the emergency room if your regular physician isn’t available. Unfortunately, many people’s tendency is to turn directly to the ER — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that just under half of adult patients who weren’t sick enough to be admitted to the hospital had gone to the ER because their doctors’ offices were closed. This clogs up emergency rooms with cases that aren’t life-or-death and creates more work for already at-capacity hospital staff. Plus, it’s unpleasant for the patients, who often face lon

Why You Should Consider An Urgent Care Center For Medical Treatment

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For those who do not have the time to schedule a doctor’s appointment with their general practitioner or who simply just do not have health insurance, an urgent care center can provide a viable alternative to the emergency room.

Most urgent care locations are open seven days a week, with only 15% reporting that they are not. They are becoming more and more popular as well, employing around 20,000 doctors and medical professional nationally and servicing 3 million people every week. An urgent care center provides quality care without the cost or the wait time that you can expect in an emergency room. In fact, the majority of urgent care centers have an average wait time of fifteen minutes, and a typical urgent care cen

5 Common Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal

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laser treatmentAs med spa technology advances, skin care experts are able to perform even more effective treatments. By 2021, the global skincare market is projected to reach $154 billion. Within this fast growing field, laser hair removal is one of the most popular treatments. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about laser hair removal that many people still believe. The following are some of the most common myths that you should watch out for.

  1. Laser hair removal is painful.
    While everyone has a different pain tolerance, laser hair treatments do not generally cause pain. You will likely feel some mild discomfort during and shortly after the process, but this treatment is generally tolerable. This is why med spas should perform this treatment; they know how to set the laser properly.
  2. This laser treatment will damage my skin.
    If you see one of the skin care professionals at Savola Aesthetic Dermatology, you will not leave with damaged skin. They will perform the procedure properly and advise you if you are not a candidate for this treatment.
  3. I might suffer harmful side effects from treatment.
    Most people have red and swollen skin after treatment, but you will likely not have any more side effects than that. However, if you do have concerns over potential side effects, again, this is exactly why it’s important to see a professional for the procedure.
  4. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution.
    Some cheap salons will advertise hair removal as a miracle solution, but this is simply not the case. Most people will require multiple treatments. Time between treatments will vary based on hair texture, so talk to your med spa about when you should come in again and how long you can expect results to last.
  5. All laser treatments are the same.
    This is one of the most dangerous misconceptions of the bunch. Unless you receive treatment from a professional med spa, you might be putting yourself at risk for poor quality hair removal or adverse side effects.

The bottom line: Our skin care professionals at Savola Aesthetic Dermatology can provide high quality and safe laser hair removal. Our professionals can go over your needs and create a laser hair removal solution that works for you. Whether you are among the 21 million women experiencing hair loss or are looking to remove unwanted hair, contact us today for more information about our beauty solutions.

All The Facts On a Beach Injury

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Walk in treatment

Every single year there are just about 110 million visits to the emergency room. These visits are sometimes life-threatening and sometimes these visits deal with a beach injury. This may seem silly at first but it is important to know that a beach injury can be pretty dangerous if it is not properly treated.

First and foremost, if you are dealing with a beach injury this causing you a lot of pain then you need at the very least walk in treatment. Wound injury is not a joke and should be taken very seriously so that it does not get worse. Without the proper wound treatment, an infection could develop which is definitely the worst case scenario.

Right now, just about 60% of all urgent care centers will have a wai

Continue to Live Independently With Just a Few Home Modifications

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Wooden wheelchair ramp

While adults of all ages can sustain injuries due to falling, this can be even more prevalent with older adults. On an annual basis, there are more than two million older adults seen in the emergency room due to injuries that occurred because they fell. This equates to a older adult falling every 11 seconds. Since more than 50% of these falls occur in the home, it’s important to take measures to prevent these accidents from occurring.

Both the American Association of Retired Persons and the National Conference of State Legislatures reported that most adults over 65 want to stay in their own home for as long as possible. This amounts to 90% of adults within this age bracket that want to age-in-place. In order to accomplish this goal, many senior citizens are choosing to modify their homes accordi

4 Important Signs That Your Job is Burning You Out

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Signs of physical exhaustion

It’s common for people to feel stress while they are working. In fact, statistics show that stress caused by working causes nearly one million employees throughout the United States to call into work each day. It’s important to understand the difference between having a bad day and experiencing burnout symptoms. Considering that, here are four important signs of job burnout that shouldn’t be ignored.

  1. Feeling Tired After Waking Up

    It’s understandable that you won’t spring right out of bed each morning. That being said, experiencing too much job stress can cause you to dread each time you wake up for work. I

When To Look Into Physical Therapy Programs

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Physical therapy issaquah

Chronic pain, unfortunately, affects many of us, impacting the way we go about our day to day lives, hampering career growth, and changing the way we interact with the world. Chronic pain can often induce depression, a sense of hopelessness that the pain will never end. Any chronic pain condition can be immensely difficult to live with but, fortunately, there are ways to treat and manage chronic pain and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Physical therapy treatment, for example, can benefit many sufferers of chronic pain. Physical therapy for hip pain can increase mobility and allow the patient further range of motion, as well as increased quality of life. Knee pa