4 Reasons Hearing Aids for Children are Beneficial

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There are approximately 24,000 babies born every year that have some sort of hearing those. This number does not even include children that lose all or part of their hearing within the first few years of their life. Having hearing aids or listening devices are a very good way to help them continue or begin to hear. Understandably, there is some controversy related to hearing equipment among the deaf community but hearing consultants agree, for the most part, that children should have the opportunity to hear what is going on around them. If an adult chooses not to get a hearing aid, that is one thing but to never give the child that chance is something that they should not be deprived of. Here are some reasons why children might benefit from hearing aids according to hearing consultants.

  1. Social Isolation
    A child that cannot hear has to go through the same kind of isolation and detachment from hearing children that adults encounter. However, they are not equipped with the same level of understanding as an adult and it can be very difficult and hurtful for a child to have to endure this kind of treatment. Not to minimize what an adult goes through by any means but children just go through the same thing but amplified. It is heart breaking to watch any child be set aside by their peers, for any reason.

  2. Speech Improvement
    We learn to talk by listening and hearing words. Babies and children mimic the sounds around them and this is how they learn to pronounce the language. A child that cannot hear properly will still try to mimic any sound that they do pick up and it is usually contorted somewhat because of how they have heard it. A hearing aid amplifies the sound in their ears so that they can hear the correct word better and thus their speech and language will automatically be improved.

  3. Safety Factors
    Hearing consultants have said that the main benefit of hearing aids for children is the fact that they will be able to hear warning sounds more easily. Traffic, horns, bells, voices and smoke alarms and sirens are among the sounds that are important for a person to be able to hear in order to stay safe out in the world. Especially if children are going to be walking to school or taking the bus by themselves, it’s crucial that they be able to hear sounds around them even when they aren’t looking at the problem.

  4. Listening Skills
    Not being able to hear will affect all areas of learning including reading, writing and general academia. School, sports and other leisure activities that kids participate in can be difficult enough for the child that can hear, there’s no reason to make it even harder for the child that can’t hear instructions, rules and guidelines from their coaches and teachers. Learning listening skills in general is a great characteristic for everyone to have but a child that can not hear and has no hearing aid will never be able to learn this skill and even when he or she does learn his or her form of listening (signing, lip reading, etc) they will not understand the importance of listening to someone else first.

Don’t expect immediate results from a hearing aid. These are nothing like glasses which correct the problem immediately. Hearing aids take time to be fitted, adjusted, readjusted and then listened to. The child may need a long time to get used to being able to hear sounds around them. Luckily, children are very adaptable and they will be able to function better with their hearing aid but it may take a little bit at first so don’t get impatient! Your child may even require speech therapy, special education teachers and audiologists and other specialists in order to properly function with their new device. Take advantage of as much programs as possible for yourself and your child. Hearing consultants advice that something that you should keep in mind at all times is that your child isn’t the only one learning new things; you are to. Give yourself a break and don’t let the stress of this come between your relationship with your child.

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