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Do You Have Body Hair You Want Removed? Talk to Your Dermatologist

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Cost of laser hair removal

Dealing with unwanted body hair can be frustrating, particularly if you have thick, dark, coarse hair in unsightly areas. In many cases, the process of removing the hair can be difficult and time consuming, which only adds to the frustration and embarrassment. Throughout the last 50 years, women and men have tried skin creams and lotions that have only masked unwanted hair issues and results were less than satisfactory. For decades now, skin laser hair removal has been a popular choice to rid the body of unwanted hair.

However, in the past, lasers were a problem for darker skins. This is because lasers for hair removal work by “seeing” pigment. If the skin is light and the hair is dark, the laser sees only the pigment of the hair and does not penetrate the skin with light. The newer lasers, however