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When to See a Doctor for Nasal Infections


If you’re living with the possibility of having sinusitis, you aren’t alone. Statistics show that sinusitis affects nearly 37 million people per year. In turn, this makes this condition one of the most common health issues in the United States. Considering that, it’s understandable to want to learn more about this condition. In this post, you’ll learn the signs of a sinusitis as well when to see a doctor.

Common Signs of a Sinus Infection

A sinus infection occurs when this area of the body becomes inflamed. It’s important to note that there are many causes of sinus infections. For instance, this condition can be caused by an infection that was already present in the body. In addition, sinus infections can occur due to the presence of inhaling allergens or certain chemicals.

These types of infections understandably cause several side effects. A common side effect of this condition is experiencing pain around your face. Common painful areas include the nose, cheeks, and jaws. You might also experience pain and pressure that spreads to your eyes and ear areas. Another common sign of sinusitis is a constant feeling of stuffiness. More severe bouts of sinusitis might also cause someone to have a sore throat accompanied by a cough.

When to Visit a Doctor for Sinusitis

In certain situations, medications will be unable to cure nose infections. This likely means that you’re suffering from chronic sinusitis. Don’t worry about receiving this diagnosis, this condition is extremely common. In fact, statistics show that nearly 18 to 22 million people visit their physicians annually for chronic sinusitis treatment.

After receiving this diagnosis, it’s important to consider the various types of potential treatments. Many of those suffering from this condition obtain relief through a procedure known as a balloon sinuplasty. In fact, statistics show that nearly 20% of those with chronic sinusitis are recommended to receive surgery. This surgery involves placing a tiny balloon into the nasal cavity. In turn, nasal discharge is able to remove itself from the body. Many patients receiving this procedure are able to notice fast relief of sinusitis symptoms.

In closing, sinusitis is a painful condition affecting many people. That being said, it’s difficult for many to understand whether they’re experiencing an infection or sinusitis. Nose infections typically go away on their own in due time. Unfortunately, sinusitis sufferers can experience this condition for much longer. Therefore, certain patients are only able to seek relief by receiving surgery. If you’re seeking relief from sinusitis, consider contacting an ear nose and throat specialist.

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