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Parents Share Crazy Stories their Kids Do That Urgent Care Can Handle


Urgent care centers treat a variety of conditions. Many times parents find themselves in awkward and weird situations when it comes to their kids. Going to one of these facilities holds many benefits for parents and their kiddos. Most of these centers provide care for a variety of injuries including fractures, colds, flu symptoms and yes even weird and crazy situations such as the ones listed below.

Wrong Place

Many toddlers are naturally curious and this can lead to all kinds of problems, including things going where they don’t belong. This can happen to anyone no matter how much you supervise your child, and it can happen in an instance. Rest assured that while you are freaking out because your child has managed to shove something up their nose or into their ear that will not come out, the staff at the urgent care clinics have most likely seen it all. Urgent care centers are excellent choices for this problem, because they are fully equipped to extract the object, the wait time is minimal and the price will be lower than an urgent care. If you ever find yourself in this situation visit an urgent care location near you instead of the ER.

That’s Not Food

Can you imagine seeing your toddler have a bowel movement and realize that it is multi-colored? One mom freaked out after seeing her child’s poop, and scooped up a sample to take to the nearest urgent care facility. While pacing wondering what in the world could possibly be wrong, it was discovered that the problem might be in every single parents household. A box of crayons had been the culprit for the rainbow colored poop. The child was given a clean bill of health and sent on his way.

Watch What You Eat

While attending a birthday party for another child it became relevant to one mother that her child wasn’t right. Not long after leaving the child began throwing up. To the mother’s horror the vomit was red and resembled blood. She rushed her child to urgent care where tests proved that blood was not an issue. Too many red velvet cupcakes were, leading to sugar rush and vomiting. Remember that when children ingest red food and juices, then get sick, it might have red tones from what they ingested.

Won’t Stay Down

At one point a mother had a child who couldn’t keep anything down. She decides he needs to be seen. While sitting in the waiting room she notices that there are other classmates from her child’s class. As they all sit and wait to be seen all seems fine, until one child becomes ill and begins to throw up. What follows next is similar to a train wreck, with another child throwing up, then another, then another. While this is something that most parents don’t want to deal with, rest assured that urgent care centers can not only handle this symptom but treat them as well.

Next time you feel awkward about what your little one has done, just know that there is a possibility that it could be worse. Things could always be worse, but these facilities help make them a little better. Less wait time and less time with a doctor means less people sometimes see the mishaps involving our little tykes. Less money spent on the visit and lower copay means you can take your little one out for ice cream afterwards. Next time an urgent matter arises, consider an urgent care facility before going to the emergency room for treatment.

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