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How Physical Therapy Can Help You


As our bodies age and change we can run into a great deal of physical limitations. Some are caused by diseases or injuries while others are just the natural wear of our bodies as we get older. It can make every day life more difficult and leave us dealing with pain that limits us. However, there is a way to get help and start working towards a more healthy and active body. You can utilize physical therapy (PT) tools to gain strength and work through debilitating pain. Here are some ways that PT and rehab tools can get you functioning again.

Build Muscle Strength

Often times if you are injured and have to be off your feet for a long time, your muscle mass can suffer. This can make getting back on your feet difficult, because your body is no longer used to the movement. Physical therapy can help to slowly build your muscle back up in a way that won’t strain your body. It also uses muscle strength testing equipment to gauge where you are in the process and track your progress.

Work on Range of Motion

If you’re struggling with range of motion in your joints, PT can help you with that as well. Special rehab tools and systems help you to slowly push your body more and more until you start to gain more range of motion over time. It’s best not to push your body too far too fast and PT can help to track your range of motion data to create a plan that won’t overdo it.

Build Confidence

Another thing that can suffer when a person is unable to do the things they used to is their confidence. Losing the ability to perform basic functions that used to be easy can make a person feel like a lesser version of themselves, even though that’s not the case. Physical therapy tools and processes are a great way to build progress and confidence. Seeing the improvement over time will remind them that they are strong and able to recover. Also, physical therapists themselves are often great motivators.

Physical therapy is a wonderful thing for people who need help getting back their strength. It might be hard to ask for help or to admit that your body isn’t what it used to be, but with the help of PT you can become strong again.

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