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Medical Solutions for Men’s Hair Replacement

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Hair replacement

There are roughly 35 million men in the United States that are experiencing hair loss and/or baldness. When men begin to notice their hair is thinning, or that they are going bald, many explore different procedures in order to restore their hair. In addition to Follicular Unit Strip Surgery and Follicular Unit Extraction, scalp micropigmentation is also a possible option.

Hair Loss in Men

Before it becomes noticeable, half of a man’s hair will have been lost. When men with hair loss issues reach the age of 35, it will be noticeable in approximately 66% of these men. Once they are 50, however, roughly 85% will have significantly thinned hair.

Over 95% of hair loss in men is caused by Androgenetic Alopecia. This means that there is a genetic tendency toward hair loss as opposed to other co

Do You Think You Might Have a Fertility Issue? Schedule a Consultation with a Fertility Expert

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Many couples experience issues with having a baby. With some couples, it is determined that the woman has infertility issues, while in others, it is the man. In other cases, both partners may have problems or there is an unexplained issue. It’s been shown that 1 out of every 8 couples that want to have a child will experience difficulty with becoming pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.

Age is often a contributing factor with becoming and sustaining a pregnancy. The most fertile time for women to conceive is when they are between the ages of 20 and 24. This period of fertility begins to decline when women are 30, and even more so when they are 35. When wom

The Science of Sweating Why It Happens and How To Stop It

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Prescription deodorant for body odor

Although embarrassing, sweating is a natural part of the body?s functions to maintain balance. When the brain determines the body is overheating, the nervous system sends the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to the sweat glands, which then releases sweat to the skin. Sweat moistens the skin and then cools it when evaporation takes place, effectively keeping the body from overheating.

According to Dr. Robert Sallis in an interview with LiveScience, ?The normal range for sweating is very wide. Some people may only sweat half a liter during an hour of intensive activity, while some may sweat three or four liters, and both are still within a normal range.?

While the average person sweats up to six liters a day,

How Manageable Fluid Build-Up Is With Pleurx Catheter System?

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A urinary tract infection (UTI) is not the only medical problem that uses catheter system, there are other two common body abnormalities that demand this drainage system too, in helping to manage body fluid build up. These conditions are pleural effusions, which is the build up of water in the lungs and malignant ascites that refers to the accumulation of fluid within the peritoneal cavity. Unlike pleural effusions and malignant ascites, bladder infections are a very common condition affecting the elderly, often demanding the use of disposable underpads and diapers for adults.

Generally, the three fluid related conditions share one thing in common, that is the use of the pleurx catheter that has helped many patients take control of their conditions. In fact, it is estimated that over 300,000 patients have used

Take the Test for Sleep Apnea in the Comfort of Your Own Home

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Pre-owned inventory of certified cpap and bipap

Sleep apnea is a killer. Many people do not even realize they have the condition until it is too late. There are stories by the dozens of two spouses going to sleep and only one waking up. It is a very serious situation.

Many just go through their lives thinking they simply have a severe snoring problem, and that as long as people are outside of earshot, nobody is getting hurt. But, sleep apnea is more than just loud snoring.

Sleep apnea is a relatively common disorder in which the sufferer has pauses in their breathing, sometimes one, two, or more, or where their breath goes very shallow during the night, where they are barely breathing at all. These pauses in breathing can last for just a few seconds to a minute or more and may occur up to 30 times or more per hour. Typica

Three Reasons to Find a Primary Care Provider

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After hours urgent care

Most of us have a paradoxical relationship with our health. On the one hand, we want to be healthy and do all that we can to ensure a life without illness or injury. But on the other hand, we often avoid things like routine check-ups, even if they’re relatively quick and painless. There are a few possible reasons for this. Some people are so self-conscious they don’t even like when a doctor fully examines them. Others, especially those who have reached a certain age, don’t like going through the tests physical examinations demand, such as mammograms and prostate exams. These exams aren’t necessarily harmful, but they’re not always pleasant either. Others still might simply be afraid of what their doctor will tell them. No one wants to hear they have high blood pressure, need to change their diet, exer

Here’s How You Choose an Urgent Care Facility

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Continued growth is likely

When you experience a physical injury or illness, it is important to have a plan of action. No one wants the stress of finding the nearest medical urgent care center when they are feeling unwell. Here are a few features to look for during your search for the best local urgent care facility near you.

No One Plans When They’ll Get Injured: Check the Operating Hours.

It is a a spectacular inconvenience to have an urgent issue pop up after normal operating hours. It could be a bad cut from slicing up vegetables around dinnertime, or a child’s fever that worsens on a Saturday morning. On average, the vast majority at roughly 90% of medical urgent care centers are open until at least 7:00pm, with 66% opening up before 9:00am. Some reports have even found that about two out of eve

Where Do You Go When Someone in Your Family Is Sick on a Holiday Weekend?

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Urgent care highlands ranch

It was a wasted weekend. When your teenage daughter came home from her summer school class on Friday she indicated that she did not feel well and spend the rest of the afternoon in her room. When you forced her to come downstairs and join the family for dinner, she ate a few bites but then left the table and headed for the bathroom. For the next two days she was unable to keep anything down. By Sunday afternoon you were really concerned. Knowing that Monday was the Fourth of July made you even more concerned. The pediatrician’s office was going to be closing at 1:00 pm on Monday and would remain closed on Tuesday for the holiday break. Certain that you did not even want to wait to see if you could get in to an early Monday morning appointment, you decided to take your daughter to a local urgent car

Four Creative Ways to Feel Like Newlyweds Again

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Couples trip

Are you looking for a good way to reconnect with your significant other? Relationships take work, and it’s easy to lose sight of that. No matter how much you love your better half, sometimes life gets in the way and you suddenly realize you’re just functioning like roommates rather than life partners. When that happens, it can be beneficial to hit the pause button and tear down the wall that you’ve built up between you. We’ve put together a creative ideas for doing that.

Four Creative Ways to Feel Like Newlyweds Again

  1. Two words: Couples Massage

    There are about a hundred reasons that a couples spa trip is a winning answer. Many times, the root of marital problems is stress. Stress about finances. Stress a