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What is Telepsychiatry?

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With the emergence of telemedicine and telehealth, the healthcare world is changing. Health care professionals are beginning to recognize the benefits of telemedicine as it could potentially save U.S. companies more than $6 billion per year in healthcare costs. Already, 67% of health care professionals are utilizing some form of telemedicine or are planning to do so in the next few years. In addition to the economic benefits, telehealth may also be an effective way to help those with mental illness and mood disorders through telepsychiatry.

What is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry software allows a patient and psychiatrist to “meet” through video conferencing. Telepsychiatry software is also designed to ensure a hipaa compliant video conference or, in other

Is Liposuction Right For You?

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Laser liposuction cost

Liposuction is nothing new. However, for a long time, it was regarded as something embarrassing or primarily for people so obese that there was nothing to be done but to trim them down to size. However, as laser liposuction technology has improved and laser liposuction side effects have lessened, this intervention is now available in many forms for all different kinds of people. Whether you are looking for abdominal liposuction or laser cellulite removal, seeking to shed pounds of baggage or supplement a new diet, liposuction is now a broad category encompassing all kinds of self-improvement.
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Is Your Doctor Good For Your Heart? What to Look For When Finding a Physician

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Surprisingly, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women and men in the United States. Experts report that approximately 600,000 people succumb to some form of heart disease in this country every single year. Every 30 seconds, someone in the United States dies from heart disease, and the disease does affect more people than cancer and obesity.

When they first begin the process of finding a physician
, many Americans want to know statistics about their doctor’s effectiveness at treating heart disease. Considering the fact that half of all heart attack patients test “normal” for both types of cholesterol, finding a physician who

The Top 3 Things You Don’t Know About Nursing Homes

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Short-term care services

Say the words ?nursing home?, and you may receive an immediate judgment about the people living in nursing homes, the people who work there, and the services offered. In fact, there are many different things we don?t know about nursing homes as a society, and many things we believe that are in fact outright myths or even lies. Nursing homes are about more than palliative care end of life, though that service is certainly desperately needed. They?re also about physical therapy, post-hospitalization care, and many other specific situations. Let?s dive into the truth about nursing homes, and why they?re so important to society at large.

1. Nursing Homes Aren?t Just For The Elderly

It?s true th

Little-Known Facts About Urgent Care

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Englewood urgent care

While many know of urgent care due to their recent growth rate, there are numerous things that the average person doesn’t know about the centers. They are able to provide more care than most people know, with longer hours available and less wait time than many other medical care options. Read on for a few things you may not know about these great facilities.

  • About 60% of urgent care facilities have wait times of 15 minutes or less, and 65% have a physician on-site at all-times.
  • A survey done by The Urgent Care Association of America proved the small wait times, and also showed that 80% of all visits last 60 minutes or less. <

The Danger of Untreated Sleep Apnea

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Many people are at least aware of a condition called sleep apnea, but not many people are familiar with sleep apnea causes, treatments, or even what exactly the condition entails. With about 18 million Americans suffering from the condition, it is important to be educated on the subject, so that there are more people able to get diagnosed and treated. With a condition such as sleep apnea, treatment is of the utmost importance.

The condition is characterized by numerous instances during a person’s sleep where their throat or mouth relaxes too much, effectively blocking their airways. When the person stops breathing, it often wakes them up with a start. On average, someone suffering fro

Its Time To Put An End To Chronic Neck Pain

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What can i do to prevent low back pain

Are you one of the 1.5 billion people worldwide who suffer from chronic pain? If so, don’t feel like you have to suffer through it – find treatment options in your area. There are dozens of spinal rehabilitation specialists that can offer advice, and if you end up needing surgery they are usually minimally invasive. Here are a few things to know and remember about back, neck, and headache pain:

1. Back Pain – You may be wondering “who is affected by low back pain?” Believe it or not, over 26 million Americans ages 20-64 say that they experience frequent back pain. That is more than the entire population of Texas! If you have ever endured back pain then you know how

How Do People Get Off Heroin and Opiates? 5 Treatment Options

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Ibogaine for depression

The American media loves to use the word epidemic, but when it comes to heroin addiction in the United States, “epidemic” is the only way to describe it. In every major city, in the suburbs, in rural counties, countless Americans are struggling with the life-ruining effects of opiate addiction. To make matters worse, heroin is now cheaper, more potent, and easier to find in 2015 than when it was sold legally in stores in the 19th century.

Millions of parents, siblings, spouses, friends, and medical professionals are doing everything they can to help their loved ones get off heroin. Unfortunately, heroin has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most addictive substances on Planet Earth. Not only does it create an intense physical dependency, but it has unbearable withdrawal symptoms.

So i