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Why Do Some Women Need Fibroid Surgery and Not Others?

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Uterine fibroids treatment options

Although some women have uterine fibroids, they may not need to do anything about them. At the same time, other women may need to go so far as to have uterine fibroid surgery. Here’s what you should know about this expansive range.

Little to No Problems.

In the vast majority of cases, women show no signs and symptoms of fibroids. Their uterine tumors are so small, and developed in such inconsequential places that they require no fibroid treatments. Sometimes, women may have fibroids, and never even know it.

Minor Issues .

Other times, some women may experience minor symptoms of fibroid cysts, the most common of

Pediatrician Shopping Tips Important Things to Keep in Mind While Browsing

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Pediatricians in phoenix

Some decisions in life are far easier than others and require little to no thought — let alone research — before making them. Finding a pediatrician, however, is not one of them.

Similar to primary care physicians or family care physicians, pediatric doctors focus on the general well being and overall health of their patients, who range in age from infants all the way up to 18.

Choosing a pediatrician who is experienced in treating a variety of conditions in different children is important. In fact, choosing the right pediatrician can help keep you maintain your child’s health, especially if you develop a solid, professional relationship with the p

What You Can Do About Low Back Pain

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Chiropractor clinic kirkland

Chances are you’ve experienced low back pain, either short- or long-term, at some point during your life. Back pain is even the second most common reason for doctor visits, after only respiratory infections. But unfortunately, people often brush off this pain without knowing much about it — with long-lasting and sometimes very serious consequences. You should discuss any specific concerns with a medical professional, but here’s a quick overview to get you started:

The Causes of Low Back Pain

Low back pain can be caused by a number of injuries or conditions. One of the most common is a simple low back strain. This is an acute injury that involves tiny tears in the muscles and tendons of the lower back. A mild low back strain may go away after a few days, Continue Reading No Comments

Think You Might Be Pregnant? Here’s What to Do If You’re Unexpectedly Expecting

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Early pregnancy signs and symptoms

While around 4% of all women in the United States are pregnant right now, around half (49%) of them are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. That leads to the births of around three million children each year. In fact, half of all women will experience an unplanned pregnancy in their lifetimes, so if you are one of them, then you’re not alone.

If you think you might be pregnant, but you’re not sure where to go next, you don’t have to face this alone. From finding a pregnancy test for free to meeting with a doctor, there are plenty of resources out there for women just like you. Here are three things you should plan on if you suspect that you may be pregnant:

  • Get a pregnancy test for free. The first thing you’ll need to do if you think that you are pregnant

Put Your Money Where Your Skin Is Why You Should Only Buy Professional Skin Care Products

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Top private label cosmetic companies

As a consumer, you hold a lot more power than you may think you do, and that power lies in your hard-earned cash. After all, money talks and makes the world go ’round, right? Cash still reigns as king, especially in the hands of consumers. As such, it’s important to pay close attention to skin care products you purchase. As a matter of fact, you should only trust the condition and health of your skin to professional skin care products.

Like many other health conscious Americans, you most likely check the nutritional facts of the food products you buy in grocery stores. Anything that doesn’t measure up to your healthy standards gets left on the shelf. So why not do the same for your skin care products? By continuing to purchase inexpensive, drug store skin care products, you’r

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Athletes with flat feet

Syracuse City Ballet’s upcoming production of the classic fairy tale and much-beloved ballet Swan Lake promises to balance artistry and athleticism in a staging that will be the region’s first since the company last performed it in 2004.

Dancers must display incredible athleticism in all ballets, of course, especially when dancing en pointe. The 26 bones (the feet contain 25% of all the bones in the body) and more than 100 muscles of the feet must support leaps, turns and other complex movement, all while the dancer is balanced on the tip of her toes.

But Swan Lake is particularly demanding regarding the technical skill and athleticism of the dancers, even those in the corps de ballet. Some dancers must hold uncomfortable positions, remaining perfectly still, for u

Tips For Success With Infertility Treatments

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Gynecologic solutions indianapolis

With today’s technology, it’s possible for couples who are trying to get pregnant to do so using a variety of methods. Starting a family successfully still remains a bit topic of womens health, especially for women who desperately want to have children. Luckily, being infertile isn’t a guarantee that you’ll never have a family as it may have been in earlier years. Today, there are several infertility solutions you can look at it: taking medicine, having surgery, completing intra-uterine insemination, or using assisted reproductive technology like in vitro fertilization.
What Are Causes of Infertility In Women?
In some cases, doctors aren’t sur

Liposuction What You Ought to Know About One of America’s Most Popular Surgeries

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Body focus online ezdietplanner and fitness tracker

There’s no shortage of information nowadays about the obesity “epidemic” in the United States. The fact is, epidemic or not, the U.S. has a serious problem with its weight. Nearly two out of three Americans are overweight and more than a third of all American adults are obese. The problem has become so substantial that First Lady Michelle Obama made it a priority of her office to develop health and fitness programs, especially for children.

Of course, proper diet and exercise is the only true method of losing weight. With them, no method or procedure by itself will work — at least in the long-term. Still, some people who diet and exercise regularly have problems getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat located in the body. Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to tot

Three Common Risk Factors for Developing Lower Back Pain

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Minimally invasive spine surgery

There are few worse thins than chronic lower back pain. It can affect your sleep, your daily activities, and even your work. Back pain is one of the most common causes of disability among Americans under the age of 45, and if you’re someone who suffers from it you know how debilitating it can be. There are millions of people affected by lower back pain in the U.S. each year. Here are three risk factors for developing it.

1. Employment.
One of the risk factors for lower back pain is the type of job you have. If you work in an office where you sit most hours of the day, you may be more likely to experience lower back pain, since sitting can actually cause strains. If you work somewhere where you are required to lift heavy items, this is also one of the common causes of lowe