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Why Breast Implant Surgery Might be Right for You

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Our appearance is probably one of the most important things about us. This might not be ideal, but it’s the truth. We are a very visual culture and identify and evaluate the things around us by the way they look, even ourselves. The other thing about our culture though, is that it is getting increasingly easier to change what we don’t like about ourselves. We can change our appearance in many ways, but one of the most permanent and effective ways to change is with plastic surgery.
The most popular plastic surgery for American women is breast augmentation surgery, and within the last three years almost one million women have opted to undergo the procedure. Whether it’s part of a mommy makeover, reconstruction after mastectomy

Routine Patients Penalized For Going to The ER

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Immediate care

Too many Americans are abusing emergency rooms — and, soon, they will have to pay for it. Establishments owned by the Hospital Corporation of American (HCA) are implementing upfront charges for patients who visit with routine illnesses and injuries. In other words, patients with non-life-threatening ailments may have to pay $150 prior to receiving treatment. Why are hospital ERs making these changes, and where else do Americans have to go?

Is It Legal to Charge ER Patients Upfront Fees?

The short answer is yes. Pregnant women, American seniors, and children under age 6 will be exempt from any upfront fees associated with ER visits. Other patients, however, will be subject to fees starting at $150 — if they exhibit symptoms of routine illnesses and injuries only. ERs