How Used Medical Equipment Can Change Veterinarians’ Prospects

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Autoclave for vets

Undoubtedly, veterinarians are a key part of life for many Americans. In 2013 alone, veterinary care accounted for $14.37 billion dollars spent on pet care. However, that doesn’t mean that vets are getting rich off of what they do. Far from it, in fact. Many veterinarians in this day and age are finding it difficult to stay afloat. This isn’t because pet owners are taking poor care of their animals. Nor is it because they can’t afford the services offered by veterinarians. In fact, sometimes the opposite is the issue. Veterinarians are not in this for the money, but rather for the love of animals. Nor are they monitored by the same oversight that doctors who treat humans experience. That is, when it comes to paying for human medical bills, insurance companies are often involved. This can result i