Purchase and Repair an Autoclave

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Sanitation is a major aspect of several different industries today, including medical (such as a hospital’s surgeon staff), a veterinarian clinic or animal hospital, and tattoo and piercing parlors. At these sites, metal tools are used to cut or puncture skin, and if these devices are not strictly sanitized and cleaned, it is possible for contagions to be spread from one person (or pet) to another. Ever since the development of germ theory, strict standards have existed for cleaning and sanitizing medical equipment and needles to prevent the spread of disease. After all, many bloodborn pathogens have been known to survive for a week or longer on the bare surface of stainless steel items such as scalpels and needles.

Routine cleaning is just one part of preparing these sharp metal instruments for work. Sanitizing them is critical, and this is what an autoclave can do. An autoclave, such as Tuttnauer autoclave, may do the job just fine, Continue Reading No Comments