Everything You Need to Know About Having an MRI

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“You need an MRI.” No-one likes to hear those words. For many patients the thought of an MRI can be extremely frightening; for those with claustrophobia, the idea is even more disturbing. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), however, while not necessarily pleasant, is not painful. Here is everything you need to know about having an MRI.

Every year, more than 30 million MRI scans are conducted and of those 22% (6.6 million) are head scans. An MRI scan typically lasts between half an hour and two hours and will require you to lie very still. An MRI scan essentially takes a series of pictures, each lasting about 15 minutes. There are generally two to six series of pictures per scan. Such scans can be used to create 3D images to be viewed at different angles.

Some radiology centers do have access to scanne