Taking a Look At Hair Restoration Procedures

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From scalp micropigmentation to a FUE hair transplant, hair restoration has become more common than ever before – and there are more options for hair restoration than ever before as well. After all, hair loss is certainly far from an uncommon thing here in the United States, impacting the lives of men and women alike. In fact, up thirty five million men are dealing with some stage of the hair loss process, and up to forty percent of the women in the United States – nearly half – are dealing or will at some point deal with alopecia, specifically androgenic alopecia, a condition that leads to varying levels of hair loss. This means that more than twenty five million women are going through the process of hair loss at the current date (twenty eight million women, to be more exact).

While hair loss over the course of time is not necessarily an abnormal thing, especially for men, it is something that can certainly effect the life of the balding person tremendously. In fact, many men wh