When Was the Last Time That You Were in the Hospital?

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Senior rehabilitation center

In an effort to make hospital stays more effective and to ensure that released patients to a better job of taking care of themselves when they get home, more and more hospitals are dedicating nurses or therapists to the sole task of discharge planning. In addition to looking out for the best interest of the patient, hospitals are also looking out for your the interests of the hospital itself. In fact, a growing number of insurance companies are now reimbursing hospitals according to a sliding rate.
If, for instance, a patient returns to the hospital within six months after being discharged the insurance company may only pay at 70%, instead of at 100% This is true even if the patient was in for a knee surgery the first time,

The Top 3 Things You Don’t Know About Nursing Homes

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Short-term care services

Say the words ?nursing home?, and you may receive an immediate judgment about the people living in nursing homes, the people who work there, and the services offered. In fact, there are many different things we don?t know about nursing homes as a society, and many things we believe that are in fact outright myths or even lies. Nursing homes are about more than palliative care end of life, though that service is certainly desperately needed. They?re also about physical therapy, post-hospitalization care, and many other specific situations. Let?s dive into the truth about nursing homes, and why they?re so important to society at large.

1. Nursing Homes Aren?t Just For The Elderly

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