3 Ways Low T Could Be Ruining Your Life

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Does low testosterone affect strength

Over the past few years, you’ve started to feel yourself slow down: your hair might be thinning a little, you’ve lost some muscle mass or gained some fat, or maybe in general you’re feeling somewhat fatigued. These are all just signs of aging, right? Actually, they could be signs you’ve got low T.

Low T, or low testosterone, is a condition found in men where testosterone isn’t being produced as much as it should be. Testosterone production tends to start to drop off after age 30 at the rate of a few percents per year. In most low T cases, men tend to ignore the symptoms, despite that tens of millions of men suffer from it in the US alone.

The simple fact is that low T is a completely treatable disorder, treatment is affordable, and more often than not, covered by insuranc