Important Post Operative Tips for Bone and Joint Care

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Fracturing or breaking a bone can be painful, overwhelming, and intimidating. You immediately worry about how you will get around over the next couple of months. You also have to plan for your medical care and surgery might be a part of the treatment plan. The recovery from the surgery will be a long one and will require a lot of motivation and persistence.

Use your orthopedic surgeon as a source of information

You will likely have a lot of questions both before and following your surgery. While the internet can be a great way to obtain a large amount of medical information, it can also be overwhelming. You never know what information comes from a respected source and it can be difficult to distinguish which medical information applies to your medical care, and which informat

Determining Who is at Risk for Heart Disease

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Heart disease has been and remains the leading cause of death for nearly every ethnicity in the United States. There are approximately 610,000 deaths related to heart disease every year, that accounts for one out of every four deaths. There are approximately 735,000 Americans who suffer a heart attack each year; that means someone suffers from a heart attack nearly every 34 seconds. Making key lifestyle changes alongside cardiologist supervision could significantly decrease your risk of heart disease.

Who Is At Risk For Heart Disease?

No one is certain if or when they will develop heart disease, but knowing who is at r