The Benefit of Digital Hearing Aids Over Analog Hearing Aids

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Hearing aid batteries

The sound of birds singing, a grand orchestra, or a child’s voice — these are all sounds that many of us take for granted. Unfortunately there are many Americans who are unable to hear and cherish these sounds thanks to hearing loss. As our lives become noisier with loud equipment, screaming concert experiences, and constant electrical buzzing hearing loss is becoming a more prevalent issue as the number of Americans with hearing loss has doubled from 2000 to 2015.

Hearing Loss in the United States

Nearly 20% of adults and 20% of teens suffer from some degree of hearing loss from a number of factors. The prevalence of noise in our daily lives could be one reason as research has shown that exposure to a noisy subway for just 15 minutes per day can cause permanent damage to

4 Reasons Hearing Aids for Children are Beneficial

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There are approximately 24,000 babies born every year that have some sort of hearing those. This number does not even include children that lose all or part of their hearing within the first few years of their life. Having hearing aids or listening devices are a very good way to help them continue or begin to hear. Understandably, there is some controversy related to hearing equipment among the deaf community but hearing consultants agree, for the most part, that children should have the opportunity to hear what is going on around them. If an adult chooses not to get a hearing aid, that is one thing but to never give the child that chance is something that they should not be deprived of. Here are some reasons why children might benefit from hearing aids according to hearing consultants.

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