Knowing the Difference Between ADD and ADHD

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Add and adhd evaluation

To some degree, we can all be a little spacey, disorganized, or get easily sidetracked, with any number of things demanding our attention NOW. But if it starts to feel extreme — you’re constantly frazzled from running late all the time or find yourself often getting called out by your peers or acquaintances as rude or disorganized, for example — you might want to test for ADD or talk to your doctor. Though almost 6.5 children in America (between the ages of four and 17) have been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD is something different — and yes, adults can have it too. Luckily, there’s been more research and public awareness about both ADD and ADHD in recent years, so it’s becoming less stigmatized and easier to understand in regards of what signs are and how to treat it, with ADD testing and assessments.