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How to Avoid and Deal with the Common Cold

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If you’re a parent, you know that a child with a cold can be a miserable experience for everyone. A lot of the time, a cold isn’t bad enough to send you to a family health center like some other seasonal illnesses, but they can be just bad enough to make your child’s life miserable and your life miserable too. On average, a child will catch between six and 10 colds every year, and a cold is one of the most annoying of common illnesses. Is there any way to avoid this seasonal illness and an extra trip to the family health center?

Why Do Kids Get Cold so Often?

The going theory is that a child’s immune system is not yet ready to deal with all the viruses that a child is exposed to. Furthermore, adults and even older children and teens mostly grasp the importance of hygiene in order to avoid getting sick. This is not something that little children wor