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Parents Share Crazy Stories their Kids Do That Urgent Care Can Handle

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Urgent care centers treat a variety of conditions. Many times parents find themselves in awkward and weird situations when it comes to their kids. Going to one of these facilities holds many benefits for parents and their kiddos. Most of these centers provide care for a variety of injuries including fractures, colds, flu symptoms and yes even weird and crazy situations such as the ones listed below.

Wrong Place

Many toddlers are naturally curious and this can lead to all kinds of problems, including things going where they don’t belong. This can happen to anyone no matter how much you supervise your child, and it can happen in an instance. Rest assured that while you are freaking out because your child has managed to shove something up their nose or into their ear that will not come out, Continue Reading No Comments

How To Manage Your Hearing Loss Related Tinnitus

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For many people in the United States, ear issues such as hearing loss and tinnitus, which is characterized by a persistent ringing in the ears, are all too familiar. These conditions and others like them can range from that of a minor annoyance to severe and even debilitating. All ear issues, from tinnitus to profound deafness, should be looked at by an ENT, an ear nose and throat specialist, to better assess the damage done to your ears and chart an appropriate course of treatment.

Hearing loss is not an uncommon condition in the United States, affecting as much as twenty percent of the total population. Hearing loss can occur for a number of reasons, from exposure to loud noises to simple aging. Aging is the most common cause of progressive hearing loss, and one third of all adults in the United States live with some degree of hearing loss. The hearing damage caused by exposure to loud noises is not insignificant, however, as nearly twenty percent of Americans have something called