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Hair Loss What Men Need to Know

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Cost of  a hair transplant

Many people equate hair loss as to losing a limb and many people say that they would trade friends or money for a whole, new set of hair. That is the challenge facing many people in society, people who have hair loss, whether men or women. Hair has become part of their physical appearance and that physical appearance has been made negative.

By the age of 35, 66% of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss. By the age of 50, approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. And in the United States alone about 35 million other guys are enduring some level of hair loss or baldness. Fortunately, half a man’s head of hair will be gone before the loss is visible.

It affects women as well. Women undergo circumstances where their hair will fall out, often in clum

6 Tips for a More Successful Experience with IVF

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If you are having trouble getting pregnant, you are not the only one. About 11.9% of all women (that amounts to 7.4 million women) in the United States will seek out services for infertility. About 12% of married couples, or one in every eight, has a hard time becoming pregnant or carrying the baby to term. Many of these couples turn to help from an in vitro fertilization clinic. If you are looking into going to one of the fertility clinics around the nation, there are some things you can do for a better experience.

  1. Try to do less. Women who are used to being on the go all of the time often find it really hard to take a load off. No