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4 Tips for Caring for Children with Colds

Each year, many people become sick with colds. Statistics show that people throughout the United States suffer from 1 billion colds each year. Making matters worse, many who suffer from this illness are children. In fact, the average child will catch anywhere between six to 10 colds each year. Therefore, many parents will be taking care of sick children as colds become more prevalent. Unfortunately, there is no magical cure for the common cold. However, following these simple tips will ensure that the cold doesn’t keep your child sick for long. With that in mind, here are four tips for taking care of a child with a cold.

  1. Hydration is Extremely Important

    You’ll want to make sure that your sick child is staying adequately hydrated. However, it’s important to avoid giving to children wanting sodas and other sugary drinks. These beverages won’t help your child stay hydrated. It’s best to keep your child hydrated with water or beverages containing electrol