Do Fat Removal Programs Really Work For the Average Adult?

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Zerona fat removal

Currently, about two in every three American adults considered to be somewhat overweight or even obese. While the health risks associated with having a high body mass index, or BMI, are fairly well known, it is the cosmetic appearance of excessive fat that really bothers those who are overweight. There are many options for adults who are looking to lose weight, although these programs vary in time, expenses, effort, and effectiveness. The latest promising medical weight loss program is called Zerona.

Can Rapid Weight Loss Lead to Long-Term Success?

Consistent exercise paired with a reasonable, healthy diet is still generally regarded as the safest method that will produce long-term results for the average person in their pursuit of a lower weight. However, medical weight loss centers would not be in business if their methods did not work. In the case of Zerona fat removal, patients are drawn to the promise of a quick process with little down time. This leads many curious adults to wonder what the catch might be.

What Does Zerona Do to Body Fat?

As described by the website Derma Network, Zerona is an elective body fat removal program that utilizes a patented low-level laser to contour the waist, hips, and buttocks to decrease size by liquidizing fat cells. This process is touted as needing little recovery time, with mild pain as compared to previous methods of fat removal. There are no needles or invasive surgery methods involved.

What Risks Do Fat Removal Procedures Like This Present?

At this time, the process known as Zerona performed at medical weight loss centers has few apparent risks. With the exception of pregnant women and those who need a pacemaker, the procedure appears to be safe for the average adult wishing to remove some extra fat. However, the scientific community still insists that fat removal programs are still relatively new, and as such the long-term effects can be difficult to gauge properly.

Is Simply Removing Excessive Fat a Viable Solution For the Average Person?

The problem with a fat removal procedure is the habits of the patient. Fat can be removed, but if the person does not change the behaviors that caused the fat to grow they will see an increase again. For example, if they adopt the 2010 Dietary Guidelines and replace fatty foods with more fruits and vegetables consumed daily as part of a healthy diet, then they will have changed some of the habits that first caused them to gain weight.

For some, changing their life habits seems pointless. It is in cases such as these that a fat removal procedure at a medical weight loss center may give the patient the boost of motivation they need to make healthy dietary changes. But without the change in habits, the problem will simply come back.

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