Recover Better From Bunion Surgery

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The human foot has its fair share of unique maladies and conditions, from flat feet to athlete’s foot to toes being broken. One particularly common ailment is the common bunion, and this area of foot health is well-known. Studies have shown that anywhere from 215% to 33% of American adults suffer from bunion deformities, and women are ten times as likely to develop them as men are, often due to wearing too-small shoes. Bunions can also develop when a person has different leg lengths, and the uneven gait and uneven pressure can form bunions on the foot of the longer leg. Around 85% of people have different-length legs, making for a large pool of people susceptible to this type of foot pain. Treatment for bunions is available, however, and foot surgery can address foot problems for any patient. Bunion pain does not have to be a lifelong affliction, and recovery time after bunion surgery can be managed.

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