When Was the Last Time That You Visited a Chiropractor?

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It seems the experts are changing their advice. After years of promoting the idea that young athletes should specialize in a single sport if they want to reach the top levels of success, new studies are touting the benefits of participating in several sports. In fact, many high schools are making an even bigger deal and giving more recognition to the multi-sports athletes.
Whether you are a proponent of young athletes specializing in one sport or you support the multi-sport approach, one common denominator is present: increased numbers of injuries. The fact that so many young people are spending 20 or more hours a week practicing, competing, and conditioning has lead to an epidemic of young athlete injuries. These injuries sometimes have lasting effects. Adults with more and more lingering pr

The Medical Benefits of Going to Chiropractors

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Nearly 27 million American adults and children visit Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) for care every year. People who start their care with a chiropractor after a back injury are much less likely to end up having surgery as people who start with a spine surgeon. Given that back pain is one of the leading causes of American disability in people over 45, going to chiropractors offers a different but helpful option.

The Benefits of a Chiropractor

You will suffer less from colds and the flu. Studies on 107 people who had been receiving long term chiropractic care were found to have much stronger immune systems than those who did not. In fact, their immune systems were a full 200% stronger than the people who ne